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Welcome to Motovation Radio. Come jam out with us on our radio station were you will hear all the greatest hits!!! Get ready for us to rock your socks off as DJ Silverado and DJ Britt rock us out!! This radio station is coming from the central part of the united states!!! The great Lone Star State!!!!

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If u have any requests leave them in the radio station and i will play them in the order they come in at the times we can get to them. we will be playing rock, rap, country,and r&b. We will bring u music from oldies to new! So set back and enjoy the power of music played for u by ur favorite DJ's! If u like what u hear Plz let ur DJ know and he will do hes best to keep u enjoying the tunes. DONT FORGET TO GIVE THE STATION A LIKE!!

thank u for listening to Motovation radio!

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